Large terrains

The engine supports terrains of 1000x1000 tiles (thats 32000x32000 pixels!). If this isn't big enough for you, you can link two (or more) maps together to create the impression of a larger one.

"Advanced" Sound Engine

Uses the Crappy Sound System (CSS) developed specifically for PaulRPG. This sound engine is designed in RapidQ for RapidQ. RapidQ has minimal sound support built in (PlayWav - plays a single wave file, one file at a time only - thats it's entire sound support), but is able to access DLLs, so I developed a set of functions in RapidQ to interface with the Windows API to get better sound support.

"CSS" features are:

Simple scripting

PaulRPG uses a very simple script language. Currently, scriptable events are: Expect this list to grow.